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1st class BA Hons Degree.

Fine Art llustration.

Camberwell College of Arts.

Since graduating, she has worked and travelled extensively as a successful freelance illustrator and muralist. Commissioned by the likes of Harrods, Coca Cola, The Independent, Penguin, Ladybird, Boots and Absolut Vodka. She has also written and illustrated her own series children's 

educational books, Yes I Can....Help save the Planet, Help save the Animals, Be healthy and strong.

Now concentrating solely on her primary passion for painting, she has exhibited throughout the UK and Europe. Galleries to include The Jerram Gallery, Serena Hall, Ingo Fincke, Store St, The Biscuit Factory, Lacy Road, Cambridge Contemporary and The Stark. 

Commercially successful, many of her paintings have featured in adverts, or are reproduced as greetings cards and limited edition prints.  

King and Mcgaw  

The Fine Art Company

Collectors Prints

Dusk, seasons changing, her memories, travels, the contrast between city, coast and countryside are a constant inspiration. Every tree, field, building and character she paints tell a personal story and crowd formations and human interaction fascinate.

With her unique sense of colour, and using a variety of different mediums she creates atmospheric vibrant paintings layered deep in colour, pattern and texture.

Harmonious, often punctuated with surprising neon sparks of colour, her paintings invite the viewer to enter their own personal realm of memory, reality or dream.

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River Town.acrylic on canvas.40x40cm. Available.

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